Victis Honor

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I think that piece of latin is fitting. But then again I know what it means. It means “honour to the vanquished”. After several days of thought, I have come terms with the Giants loss to Angels. It was a good series, and the Angels did well to beat them. It is this man opinion that the Giants did not choke, as so many clueless people continue to say. The Angels simply out played them. When you have the type of abat that Speizo did agaisnt Rodriguiez, that’s called battling and winning. You don’t foul off that many 95 MPH fastballs without hitting a popup unless you’re good. The Angels outplayed them. I tip my hat to them. Don’t take it away from the Angels by saying the Giants choked. That’s saying the Angels wouldn’t have won unless the Giants screwed up. Not the case at all.

Otherwise, I’m still preping for the ‘ol LSAT. Lots of fun. Anyone want to call me an stop me? Nah. That wouldn’t be any fun.

I’m trying to decide what to hack around my apartment. Any suggestions are welcome. I’m thinking my VCR needs to do something better, I’m just not sure what yet.