Quick Drawing Memories

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While the war started this evening, I didn’t watch the never ending analysis, didn’t listen to the President speak, didn’t listen to any of it.

Instead, I watched a classic movie, Shane. Now I had read the book when I was younger, in grade school no less, and read several times again before I ever saw the movie. The Jack Schaefer book is fantastic. I’d love to find a first print copy from 1949.

Needless to say, the 1953 movie is beyond classic. Alan Ladd should have recieved at least an Oscar Nod, but didn’t even get that given the rumor that because he left the studio shortly after, that they snubbed him. Jack Palance only had 12 lines, but his spooky role earned him a best supporting nod.

Seeing Shane (Ladd) showing Joey how to shoot, and the gun blazing out and the thundering booms of each shot as the white rock dances around the ground just leaves me in awe every time. The sound really thunders, and to that point you hadn’t actually heard a gun shot in the movie. It just nails the point.

While I don’t know many people who’ve seen it these days (I’m only 22 and most people my age aren’t into these older classics I guess) it’s a great film, with wonderful acting, and lives up to the book with ease. Client Eastwood 1985 movie Pale Rider is a tribute in those lines to the same story line, a fine movie itself.

It just brings back the many times I read Shane as a kid. Good times.