Saddle up and ride hard

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Oh what a crazy ride this world is. One minute your stranded on I-405, the next minute your being yelled at by some business rep who thinks you should work without a contract because he says, and then to top it off, you get dissed on the wonderful thing I like to call the dating marry-go-round.

You would think one might consider this a bad week, or maybe even a bad day. Not I. I chalk it up to the funny knuckleball that life sometimes throws you. Sometimes you hit it, and sometimes it hits you. If you’re not smiling through it, you’ll never make it. Because life can be a hard trail, and sometimes the horse is going to buck you. Only thing you can do is saddle up and ride hard.

Smile. Things could be worse. And it’s always better to go up then down. (I will at this time refrain from making a very easy sexual joke, which may or may not be obvious depending on who you are.)