Don't Take Ed!

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Well, it’s bad enough there will soon be no more Friends. But now it looks like I’m going to lose Ed also! What the hell is going on? Why is it that good shows like Ed, with writing and acting to boot, are being driven off the air by meaningless reality TV? Are people so dense that they can’t follow story lines that don’t envolve singing badly or attempting to eat something they shouldn’t?

It sickens me to think that Ed is possibly not being renewed for a fifth season. I’m keeping the faith, hoping they’ll be back on the air next year. It’s such a quality show, and frankly, there are few shows like that left on TV that aren’t court room or police/medical dramas. Those are fine an dandy, but Ed has class and wit that just can’t be beat.

In other related news, I’ve heard a rumor that Two Guys and a Girl is headed to DVD this year. With Season 9 of the X-Files due out in May, and the rest of Friends due, it looks like a good DVD year. Firefly is already out (another quality show that was canceled), and I was hoping someone might bring out Strange Luck (with D.B. Sweeney from 1995-96) which was damn good. But no word on that.