Updated Resume and other news

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Having recently returned from my San Francisco apartment hunt and a nice little fanily Easter day event, I decided I needs to kick it into gear and get things done.

I’ve updated my business resume, and it now in a new format. I decided it was time for change that better reflected what I do these days. Downloading the Word version is your best bet (it will open in OpenOffice just fine), since I have not yet made a style matched web version as of yet. It looks fairly slick, and get this, has actual updated business functions! About time.

I am aware that I haven’t put up the weather mapping code yet. Don’t worry, I’ll get to hopefully sometime within the week. Thank you to those that emailed asking.

At this time, I would like to make note that I am still planning a move to San Francisco in June, so things are going to get hectic in a hurry.