Being ignored....and paying dollars for it

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The title of this post really can not sum up the anger and resentment I feel for a particular class I’m being forced to take for my MBA. This course (and I use the word course loosely) basically is 10 sessions over the course of a semester. You are asked to read a book, go to a class, and dicuss the book.

Little did I know that I would wind up teaching myself in this course, because the actual class session is nothing more then a chance to give you a document to write on a subject that no one has taught you! I’m paying to teach myself. If I knew this, I just would have bought the books and not paid for the class.

[Justin Edit] There was a paragraph here that incorrectly stated the professor had not contacted me. I’d like to set the record straight, and say that he has contacted me on Friday, October 15th, and we’re working through these issues. [/Justin Edit]