The Firefox extensions I use daily

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The other day, someone asked me which extensions I was using in Mozilla Firefox these days since the 1.0 release. I use quite a few on a daily basis; some for web development, some for general usability, and some just because. I’ve therefore decided to break out the list of extensions I actually use.

The first list we have today we can call the development list. These are the tools I use to develop or test web applications (not doing that much these days, but handy none the less):

  • DOM Inspector
  • Web Developer
  • wmlbrowser
  • User Agent Switcher
  • Nuke Anything
  • LiveHTTPHeaders

This second list is general usability; quick clearing of cached data, search tools and backup. Of course, a spell checker as well, so I stop misspelling words in web forms:

  • Toolbar Enhancements
  • Popup ALT attribute
  • GoogleBar
  • Bookmark Backup
  • GooglePreview
  • SpellBound
  • Paranoia, better known as x

I like to say you can just go to one web site and get all these extensions…but I’ve found that doesn’t really work out. So I go to three:

Typically, those three sites will have everything you need, although you can usually find the developers website which will have the latest greatest versions of their software.