The script is complete

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It started as a passing comment nearly four months ago, after a Saturday night game of poker. The idea was revisited a month later, at the start of the new year. Next thing you know, there’s a rough story board. Then there’s 10 pages and synopsis. Then it becomes 40 pages and a preliminary budget is defined. Next thing you know, you’ve got 70 pages and you’re talking to a lawyer and accountant about setting up a small production company.

Then today happened. Four months, three story boards, ten revisions and countless late night writing sessions later, the final page is written. 92 pages of original screenplay goodness completed. Funny thing is, the screenplay still has no title.

The script will go through one, possibly two more major drafts/revisions to make sure things are in order. Right now, we are very pleased with it. We can’t wait to start shooting in June.