Kicks for Cancer soccer clinic

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This Saturday, I will be coaching at a Kicks for Cancer soccer clinic being put on a by Sonia, a former women’s soccer player my mom used to coach. I’ve known her since she was little (she’s a high school senior these days…man do I feel old) and is doing the clinic as a senior project. All proceeds will being going to one of the Cancer Foundations, of which I do not have the name in front of me. It’s also being sponsored by CYSA District 8 Soccer, and a big thank you to president Bob Asklof is in order.

This is a camp for little kids ages 4-10. I always enjoy coaching the little ones, as they tend to have all kinds of fun with or without the soccer ball. You can tell little kid jokes using funny accents, and show them ball tricks, and they just love it. Looks to be fun for a good cause!