The Zeiss Ikon and Ilford HP5 Plus film

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After a week of waiting, I have my developed prints back. The first two rolls were mostly me learning the camera, and testing out various settings. I did use it during the Perseid meteor shower, and took several hour plus exposures. They did come out…but I didn’t get prints of these, nor did my developer scan them. Not happy about that.

Speaking of not happy, I’m not real pleased with the developer. Besides being very pricey on the development costs, they only printed 23 of the 36 shots on the first test roll, and didn’t scan them all either. When they did scan them, they gave me small compressed JPG’s and not TIF’s. I was under the impression that I was getting full res TIFs…but no dice.

Yes I am aware that this is why you have to develop your own black and white prints. It’s cheaper, you can better get what you want out of the prints and so on. I’m actually fine with the development (the negatives look good under the loupe), just not with the scans and output. I’m caulking it up to lessons learned.

On the plus side, I’m loving the look of the Ilford HP5, and that Zeiss Ikon works great. I’m looking forward to shooting another three rolls this weekend in addition to another 2GB’s of digital.

The scans of the negatives they gave me are available in the photography section.