The new year has been a blur

The new has been moving fast. A brief update to what's been going on.

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I’ve been sort of on a dead sprint since the start of the new year. I suppose it’s fitting given that I was on a dead sprint at the end of 2007, that the start of 2008 would be really just a continuation. I tried to stay away from the resolutions and just continue on, and I think I sort of missed the fun of the new year spirit.

Some things that have been going on include:

* Monica and I are buying a house.  Yes, really.  I won't go into details yet, but it's already in motion.
* Gareth and I covered the 2008 PGA Merchandise show in Orlando, Florida.  Jim was sick and couldn't make the trip, and by the end Gar and I were wore out, but it was a great show.  Full coverage over at <a href=""></a>.
* Monica and I our starting a company to showcase out photography.  We've already started the process, and we hope to launch the new site near the end of February.
* We picked up a Canon 40D.  Great camera, poor LCD image preview (uses small embedded JPEG which is useless for judging sue me, sometimes I like to make sure I got that shot :-).  Fix it Canon, seriously.

There have been other highlights, I just can’t speak to them at the moment. It’s all very blurry. Either I’m going to fast, or I need glasses.