They wrote, I commented: Google Apps, morning pages, vintage photos

I am not an island; I like to be part of the web conversation.

Alas, I do not spend all of my time writing blog posts, but I sometimes comment on other people’s posts when I think I can add to the conversation. I’ve decided to try to start a weekly blog post of my random comments around the web that may be useful in context (ala, they probably wouldn’t make great blog posts in and of themselves). For your viewing pleasure today, three comments:

  • When It Doesn’t Pay to Be Google’s Guinea Pig was an interesting article by Kevin Purdy about Google and the beta test mentality of their consumer line of products (and how us the end user end up testing whether we like it or not). My comment basically explains my reasoning for moving to Google Apps and I attempt to explain briefly the problem of cell phone pricing and it’s burden on early adopters.

  • Taking on the 750 Words March Challenge is an interesting look by Gina Trapani at morning pages via 750 Words. I’ve loved morning pages since grad school, so I couldn’t help but pass on the tips that Laurie had given us in my comment. I’m sticking to pen and paper, but hope people like the app nonetheless!

  • Through the Viewfinder Method Makes Your Digital Pics Look Analog was an article from Kelly Abbott about the recent digital-camera-plus-film-TLR picture trend that seems to be taking place. My comment basically ponders the question as to why people think film looked so crappy (and that the Argus 75 pictured in the article takes decent snaps).

So many interesting topics, so little time to comment on them all.