Quick project updates and thoughts

The quick lowdown on where some things are at.

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  • Tree House, Part 2: This is one of those projects that is nearing completion. We had hoped to complete it in May, and got a little side tracked. We’re working on it.
  • idlemailcheck: the newest versions of Mail::IMAPClient have some changes that make checking dealing with the idle socket much easier. I’m working an updated version.
  • Film reviews: we’ve been shooting a lot of film of late, and I just haven’t been able to put thoughts to keyboard. I will say now, I actually like the new PX 100 Silver Shade (opinion seems fairly split on it).
  • World Cup goalkeeping: oh, I’ve got thoughts and notes galore. First note: stop blaming the ball. Other notes to follow.
  • Android development: yes, I’m doing some Android development. I like it. I also like the Nexus One, which I’m using a dev phone.
  • No, I’m not upgrading to iOS4: my 3G is still in use…but why would I cripple it with iOS4? A jailbreak is better.
  • Rocking the estate and yard sale circuit. How do you think I score those deals to build cool stuff?
  • I warn of consulting. Or at least the use of the word.

So much awesome stuff in the pipe, I just can’t work fast enough!