A whirlwind of talks and events

Silence is not inactivity, as seen by upcoming talk schedule.

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I got an email the other day that said in short terms that I’ve been fairly quiet since June. Silence, or lack of blog posts, can be seen as inactivity.

Alas I’m sitting in yet another hotel room about to embark on a number of engagements.

  1. GDG DevFest Fresno, October 17th. Last year we had nearly 300, we’re expecting 350+. I’m doing Polymer Codelabs, a brief intro, and office hours.
  2. GDG DevFest Sacremento, October 18th. I’ll be doing a talk on Beacons, Eddystone and Nearby API.
  3. GDG DevFest Los Angeles, October 24th. I’ll be doing a couple of talks on Polymer/Firebase and Beacons.

This is the short list. I’ll have more annoucements next week as my schedule settles.

In the mean time, if you’re looking for your Justin-talking-about-things, do check out Erik Isaksen’s awesome Web Platform Podcast. I’ve been on quite a few episodes lately as a panelist.