lite-youtube v0.9 released

A new feature, a bug fix, and many thanks to all the contributors!

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My encapsulated and responsive @justinribeiro/lite-youtube web component has been recently updated to version 0.9.0. New Things:

A big shout to @abdonrd and @abraham for their contributions, and to everyone for their ongoing use and comments. Keep’em coming!

To use, you can install it via npm or yarn:

npm i @justinribeiro/lite-youtube # or yarn add @justinribeiro/lite-youtube

Or you can just include is directly with JSDelivr:

<script type="module" src="">

From there, just include it your page with the videoid and videotitle

<lite-youtube videoid="guJLfqTFfIw" videotitle="Sample output of devtools-to-video cli tool"> </lite-youtube>

If you’d like to contribute or find an issue, the project is available on Github or if you’re looking for the non-ShadowDOM version, do check out Paul’s repo and pending NPM package as well.