Upgrading My Web Components to Lit 2.0

blog-pwa, code-block, stl-part-viewer, share-to-mastadon and probably some others have all gotten the bump.

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With the nearly complete Lit 2.0 release on the horizon, I’ve gone forth and bumped to the latest release candidate for a number of components I maintain:

  1. stl-part-viewer was major bumped to 2.0
  2. code-block was major bumped to 1.0
  3. share-to-mastodon was bumped to 1.0

Besides those components, I also bumped blog-pwa to latest version. With a bit of a quick refactor and basically zero changes to the build setup, I see about a 12% decrease in wire size (the entire setup including the lazy paths sits about 15KB, down from 18KB in recent builds).

If you’re looking to upgrade your web components to the latest version of LitElement and Lit, do check the upgrade guide. The only other thing I’d point out that if you’re using storybook you’ll run into a bit of trouble with the TemplateResult change in 2.0, but there is a draft PR in progress in the storybook repo to resolve that.

Sans that…my your retrofit adventure be smooth and web performant!