Do Not Call It a Comeback: The Web Platform Podcast Returns

After 6 years, 200 episodes, and a two year hiatus, the show returns this August with new episodes.

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Just prior to the world shutting down due to the pandemic in 2020, I had written an exhausted email while sitting in an airport after missing an recording session for the podcast.

“I have run out of things to say about the web platform.”

This disheartening phrase sounds out of place for someone who had fought for so long for the web platform. Burnout combined with an endless firehose of people pounding us for interview slots to sell their bullshit products and anti-web frameworks had beaten me, and I walked away from recording but kept the lights on. Little did I know at the time the show would suffer as many others at the hands of a pandemic as time bent and priorities shifted.

With the passage of time however comes perspective. Turns out the web platform had become besieged by various interests that aren’t particularly helpful for anyone over the last couple of years. Do you want more frameworks? How about frameworks on top of a pyramid scheme? You don’t think that’s viable? Then you’re garbage and the mob would descend.

After every such community incident, various emails of small clamoring would fall into our respective inboxes with the inevitable “are you going to talk about it?”

Turns out, we have some opinions, based in the lost art of what’s known as “facts”. So we’re bringing the show back. Maybe it’s relevant or maybe it isn’t we’ll soon know. New episodes start in August and in the mean time, enjoy this Anthony Bourdain homage promotional video to kick things off.